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Women's Health, Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Natural Labour Reflexology

As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists it means I am able to demonstrate that I meet the strictest of standards, as well as being committed to continually develop my knowledge and skills with Reflexology. 

I have undertaken further study with Hagar Basis Reflexology to enhance my knowledge and skills as a Reflexologist in Women's Health. Learning these powerful techniques will help to enhance and empower a women's unique journey from puberty, menstruation, fertility and menopause. It will assist with balancing hormones and helping women reconnect with their bodies as they go through the physical and emotional stages of life. I also learnt some more techniques to help to reduce the stress and calm and balance the endocrine, nervous and lymphatic system. 

I have completed training in Pre-conception, Pregnancy and Natural Labour Reflexology with Louise Keet from The London School of Reflexology. 

  • Supporting you through the conception journey - Reflexology treatments can help support you and your partner if you have been given a defined diagnosis and offered alongside medical treatment. Or wherever you are in your conception journey it is important for both partners to look at their wellbeing and reduce stress. Reflexology can encourage deep relaxation, improve sleep and reduce stress and tension bringing balance to the body.

  • Supporting you through your pregnancy journey- pregnancy brings much physical and emotional changes so to support through this transition and the second and third trimester and preparation for birth people seek Reflexology. It can encourage deep relaxation, support spinal care such as back/ pelvic girdle pain and help with reflux, nausea and other pregnancy related symptoms .

  • Post natal care - a time when your body is adjusting, hormones need balancing, you may be feeling overwhelmed or exhausted with sleep deprivation. Reflexology can be an important part of your new baby, motherhood journey.

I often work closely with other therapists and care providers meaning we can offer you the best possible Holistic care and person centred approach. To further help and support with your fertility, pregnancy, birth support, postpartum care and breast feeding consultations I can highly recommend Tasha from TLC Doula Care and Fertility Coach. To find out more you can contact her at Based in Torquay, Devon but available for online support.

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