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Foot and Hand Reflexology

What to expect from Foot Reflexology:

A reflexology treatment is suitable from baby to older adult and Is always tailored to suit individual needs. You will be asked about your medical history, lifestyle , current health and some general information about yourself so that a holistic view of you can be built. This information allows the treatment to be adapted in order to best meet your needs. Before your session for foot Reflexology you will need to remove your shoes and socks and lay comfortably in a reclining chair called a Lafuma. I will clean your feet with warm flannels and essential oils then assess your feet. I will use your chosen balm from Alami which is locally sourced, ethical, natural and vegan friendly.  I work on your feet from right to left and the resting foot will be wrapped in a towel to keep warm whilst the other foot receives the treatment.  Some people will be more sensitive to the stimulation of reflexes than others by feeling tingling, pressure, tender areas but for the most this is a relaxing treatment and some fall asleep. It is a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable therapy which can be used alongside existing therapy's and treatments. After the session I will make a note of any tender reflex areas, gritty areas or sensitivity you felt during the treatment and I welcome feedback which will help me to tailor further treatments.  These areas could indicate that the reflex is out of balance and could be due to a structural reason with your feet (that's just how your feet are) physical or emotional reasons, something from your past such as trauma or illness, or on an energetic level.


Hand Reflexology:

Did you know that reflexology can be performed on the hands too? It is an easy and accessible therapy in which you don't have to take off your socks and shoes, if you are worried about your feet or if you do not like your feet being touched. This is a lovely alternative. The same reflexes will be worked and as in foot reflexology  your organs and systems of the body can be mapped out on your hands and it carries the same benefits as foot reflexology. For hand Reflexology you will still sit in the Lafuma chair and rest your hands on a pillow and I will apply natural Alami hand cream.  Hand reflexology has a powerful effect on our emotions, perhaps this is because we communicate so much with our hands and are able to express emotions such as love, tenderness and even anger. The power of touch assists our body to heal physically, emotionally and mentally. When receptors in the skin are stimulated it has an effect on lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing oxytocin (the feel good hormone) which contributes to relaxation. As above aftercare advice will be given too and sometimes some hand reflex points for you to work on if required so you can undertake some self-care at home.

After Care Advice:

At the end of the Reflexology you will be encourage to rest quietly and to drink water to help keep hydrated and with the elimination of waste products. It is advisable to avoid a heavy meal, avoid stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, try not to go to the gym and give yourself time to relax and rest.

You may feel calm, sleepy, relaxed or even energised. Occasionally, you may feel tired and need a nap, need to go to the toilet more frequently for bladder or bowels, have a mild headache or feel heightened emotions, feel flu like symptoms or some joints and muscles may feel achy. This could be within the first 24 -48 hours and can be known as the healing response, it is nothing to worry about and is where your body is clearing, rebalancing and healing. 



Reflexology also does not aim to cure and as a Reflexologist and not a Medical Professional I am unable to diagnose. You may need to self refer to another Health Professional such as your Doctor, Physio, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Counsellor, Midwife or many others alike.

Access to the session - Driveway parking is available and I meet clients at the back gate on arrival. It is a short walk around to the conservatory where I offer my sessions and there are 2 small steps, 1 by the back gate and 1 on entry to the conservatory. I also have a downstairs toilet available.

The LAFUMA chair  - I use for sessions is a reclining chair, zero gravity so I can support your position with additional pillows if required or look at an alternative sit down chair. The chair does have a safety limit of 150kg so if you suspect to be above this please do let me know so I can ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Contraindications and contractions will be discussed at your first appointment or I am able to discuss over the phone beforehand to discuss any questions. Reflexology and other complimentary therapies are safe to use alongside each other and  your existing medical care and we advise you continue as Reflexology is not a substitute.  There may be instances where you need to discuss with your Doctor or Health care provider such as Midwife or Oncologist before going ahead with your Reflexology session. Such as recent operation ( usually wait 6 weeks postoperatively for any Holistic therapies), if you are on specific cardiac medication, epilepsy, Pregnancy, or had treatment for a deep vein thrombosis, or having treatment for cancer.

Children's Reflexology is available and they are shorter 30 minute sessions. I require a consultation with parental/guardian signature at the first appointment and the adult will need to stay present for the session for children under 16 years of age. I have some Reflexology books and sensory toys available or you are welcome to bring your own toys, teddies, blankets to aid relaxation and calm. I have a DBS check and Fully Insured and Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

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