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Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology focuses on reflex / pressure points on the face which help stimulate the bodies natural healing response, improve circulation and nerve conduction, encouraging the release of toxins from the body via the lymphatic system. The faces close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves make facial reflexology powerful in helping all the body systems and for it to function at it's optimum level. It has all the wonderful benefits Foot Reflexology with the bonus of improving the appearance of the face.


I have been lucky enough to train with Ziggie Bergman a pioneer in modern Facial Reflexology and have completed courses in Facial Reflexology for stress, health and well being and the Advance Facial Reflexology.  Modern reflexology taught today is based on the system of ten longitudinal zones, Native American and the Bergman method techniques which allows trained Reflexologists to use their existing knowledge and skills to adapt the sequence for each clients needs. 

For the first appointment a consultation form will be completed. The Facial Reflexology will be carried out in a Lafuma chair making you comfortable and warm with blankets.  I will cleanse your face with cucumber wipes which are suitable for all skin types, then I will apply facial serum from Alami which is a beautiful product bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, vegan friendly, natural and ethical ingredients. Light upward stroking movements are used with some pressure on reflex points which correspond to different parts of the body. This stimulates your body's own healing mechanism to create balance. With the face being in close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves, this impacts neural pathways and the whole of the body's systems. Crystals such as the rose quartz wand can be used in the treatment to balance chakras, balance emotions, remove negative energy and promote self love. After care advice is always given following your treatment too.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have received Botox or Facial Fillers, you must wait 3 weeks before having a facial Reflexology treatment. If you have undergone Face Lift surgery, a treatment cannot go ahead until 3 months after the operation and 6 months if there have been any complications and/or infection. Sometimes if you have had dental surgery or facial injuries it is advisable to wait so please contact me.

Benefits of facial Reflexology :

  • Aims to relieve the effects of stress

  • Improve circulation to the face and head

  • Improves Lymphatic drainage, assisting with the removal of waste products and toxins

  • Relieves tension in the muscle tissue of the face and jaw

  • Improves concentration and relieves mental strain

  • Helps relieve sinusitis and congestion

  • It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin leaving it looking radiant 

  • It can bring a feeling of calmness and relaxation

Facial Reflexology aims to help clients improve their health and wellbeing, with unique benefits for certain conditions for example migraines, bells palsy, bruxism, sinus conditions, menopause symptoms, temporal mandibular joint problems and much more.

After Care Information:

  • Drink plenty of water in the next 24 hours to aid the detoxifying process

  • Avoid make-up if possible to let the skin breathe for an hour after treatment 

  • Rest as much as possible after treatment to help the body heal itself

  • Avoid stimulants over the next 24 hours such as tea, coffee and alcohol as these may interfere with detoxification. Also avoid eating a heavy meal for a least 1 hour after treatment

  • Be careful if driving as reactions may be slower

  • Some reactions are part of the healing process and a sign your body is eliminating toxins. It is normal for you to feel any of the following: Feeling cold, thirsty, mild headache, feeling emotional, mild tiredness, runny nose, needing to visit the toilet more frequently

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